An explosion of colour in an otherwise drab world 

The intoxication has worn off, the platitudes are just whispers on the wind that occasionally echo around this chamber we buried deep within ourselves,

Every misinformed choice and missed opportunity played in a timeless loop over and over while the pain we used to feel has become a friend that we frequently visit,

Your hollow words still perforate my eardrums as my memories bitterness slowly turns me against the selfish creation you once called your husk,

The person standing in my mind isn’t the angelic creation of yesteryear but a manifestation of all the ugliness I turned a blind eye too, beauty is only skin deep but you clawed that off with your perfectly manicured lies so many times that I barely can see the resemblance other then the shadow that has always stalked this part of my soul, 

My anger becomes a perfectly formed structure in which to house the remains of your once beautiful memory, I doubt even the most beautiful metamorphosis could see you scale the heights you once majestically rode,

The battlelines had finally been drawn in the sand, this was no longer a pacifists war, the boundaries that once strewn this landscape has long been crossed, the person become the creature you thought you could tame but now there’s no escaping and only one of us could survive.

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