Floating on inconsistent scenarios and altercations.

Decided I’d use a friends piece of art as an inspiration so check out (http://www.jordancook.co.uk/)

‘Watching me carry my fears forever onwards towards a dystopian dream, You lay paralysed by your own indiscretion, the thoughts, the arguments and the misery rattle inside your mind, left alone in your subconscious, praying that someone, anyone hears them, but the only vocalisation that can be heard through this pessimistic silence is the angry pacing of a dejected lover and the metallic jangle of keys that once unlocked your every desire,

Hope is no longer just a word it’s a distant dream of the bygone days that a smile would be an actual smile, not the false puppeteers that convey your emotions to the outside world like everything is as clear and perfect as the ocean that carries you,

Except I’m the ocean, I’m the tides that keep coming back to try and carry you forever untill you reach the point you can walk again and then I’m just an obsolete creation designed to put you where you need to be before returning back to the sanctity of my own comforts before trying to reach out to you again knowing that you are no longer part of my coastline.

I’m the salt in the sea that it’s bitterness you can taste because im drowning myself makin sure you stay afloat, the surface is calm but the currents rip through my confidence without barely a ripple,

Just for once I wish you would peer under the surface and see me looking back at you, I wish you could find the words to express the gratitude of everything i did to keep you afloat on this journey rather then reach the shore and be disappointed that your feet got wet,

I just wish for once I didn’t have to be the sea, I didn’t have to carry you in my fears that gave you the buoyancy to survive without me, I just wish I could be the land you walked solidly upon.’


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