Bartering with ones self and the five stages. 

What if we made a mistake?

What if our choices end up haunting the rest of our very existence?

What if your journey of self discovery never leads you back to everything we once was? 

What if you learned to be less selfish?

What if you learned that my kindness wasn’t a weakness?

What if you learned that the reason that I wanted to speak to you everyday was because you inspired me to be more then what I thought possible?

What if we changed directions?
What if instead of letting things go we fight with every ounce of strength we could muster?

What if instead of self discovery we take the voyage together and use unity as the guiding force that drives us?

What if instead of trying to make us perfect we allowed the imperfections that once took us to beyond our own expectations to be once again the reality that we envision? 

What if you realised that you broke me more then I could take?

What if you could read everything I’ll never send you because I’m no longer a part of the world you created for yourself.

What if I realised that I’d hidden all my insecurities behind the pedestal I built for you.

What if I realised that I’ve been following your path for so long that I’d lost all sense of my own destination.

What if I realised that I deserved more then a one way street in the city of the life you built for yourself.

What if I realised that every step I take becoming more happy with myself that the distance between us is growing.

What if I realised that I shouldn’t be ashamed with how much love I had for you.

What if I realised that my affection shouldn’t have been a nuisance for you.

What if I realised that I wasn’t the person that stopped fighting,

But then I realised it was time, 

Then I realised that to further myself I have to let go,

Then I realised that we both deserve happiness, 

Then I realised I’d taken the first step by myself that I’ve taken in the longest time.

I frame our memories on the wall of my mind with all the other people that have a place in my heart, 

I then many years past the point I should have start to slowly start work on a self portrait,

It was then that I realised that the moment I started to love myself and who I am that I was finally free. 


  1. Wow, this is breathtaking. These verses are so heartfelt and really hit home. The last line is so true and inspiring. Being okay with who we are brings freedom. Thank you for posting this. I really needed to hear these words


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