Cutting the binds that held us close.

Both of us knew this wouldn’t be the ending we envisioned when our journey started,

We’ve been dancing this same dance for hours now, maybe even weeks, it slowly has become part of the performance that had become our lives these past few years, Act 1 and Act 2 was a power play on how to be happy and content and as one, The audience knew only of the show that was presented not behind the scenes, and this final act was something few would believe was even on the horizon let alone the ending of a chapter.

But the tether that bound us that once use to be so carefree and would wrap loving around both of us and constantly weave between us like a leaf dancing on the wind was now slowly suffocating us both, chained together was two people growing apart, a choice had to be made, we knew what had to be done,

The foundations that once built this empire had crumbled, we had to raze it to the ground, we needed to break that what once tethered us together cleanly in two, both of us will take a part of it and build our own cities, a truce not a war, a hope and a belief that once history has settled that our empire may rise again,

I still carry this part of you with me to this day, and I look out from behind my city walls at your new empire not with envy but with pride, I helped create the foundations for your better tomorrow and I couldn’t have been more proud.

via Daily Prompt: Tether


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