The loneliest path is the one you create on your way to your own self destruction, feeling so alive yet so alone, each step a desperate measure in balancing the demons and the walls that surround them, 

The outcome of the distance you try to travel and the destination you desperately want to see slowly appear in the horizon, the blurred lines that resonate between fact and between fiction, reality is what your mind constructs out of the pieces of the life that you live and the dreams that own you, the dreams that encompass and suffocate the journey that lies ahead of you, the crossroads between self destruction and self discovery lies ahead without signage, the courage to pick a path without looking back, the reckless abandonment of the retrospective choices weighing you down to nothing more then a spectator watching the ghosts of your own subconscious choices disappearing into the distance, a spectator in your own mind, paralysed by your own indecision.

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