Dystopian Rambling of the Crumbling Future…

….Is it better to live as a poor man In this rich mans world? when the Nostalgic progression for which we yearn for and what we once knew before as the safety of our youth, 

Our youth that passed us by but returns when the reality before us comes into force and makes us hold onto it like the child holding on to its blanket for comfort, 

When the banks that give out food multiply as the banks that once held our monetary value stay locked away behind the gates we paid to protect ourselves from ourselves, 

This barren landscape that we terraformed with our corruption and greed is a lifeless as the anonymity we stay guarded behind when we call out people that we pretend to know behind the prison for which we put information and fiction together as gospel and for which our new life resides in, 

When artificial intelligence is the preference to the limited intelligence that the World we once knew uses to contain our masses and we endeavour to send ourselves further down the rabbit hole, the final frontier that beckons is it for our demise or our salvation?

Our hopes and dreams mixed with the idealogy of what we are told is wrong or right, fighting amongst ourselves while systemically destroying the very planet that grants our existence, trending a path so tentatively as not to be noticed we watch it all crumbling down around us, unaware that by not being part of the solution we allied ourselves with the problem, if only in time had we all realised that by working together we could have saved many more then treading a path of solitude and regret…

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